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:: Hanzestadslogement De Leeuw is located in a historic building from 1645

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Hanzestadslogement De Leeuw is located in a historic building from 1645. It is situated in a nice shopping street in the center of the historic Hanseatic city of Deventer. River IJssel is a 5-minute walk from the hotel.

When you enter the hotel, the atmosphere reminds you of grandmother’s days. You will be checked in with a cup of coffee or tea and a piece of Deventer cake.

The 10 rooms of Hanzestadslogement De Leeuw are all decorated differently. Each room is named after one of the Hanseatic League. The rooms all have a kitchenette and tea and coffee facilities.

Hanzestadslogement De Leeuw is a small hotel with a with a tea and coffee house. The hotel also sells traditional trading products and there is a Hanzemuseum. There is also an old Dutch sweetshop which is definitely worth a visit!

Contact details

Hanzestadslogement De Leeuw
Nieuwstraat 25
7411 LG Deventer

Phone: +31(0)570-610290

Email: info@hoteldeleeuw.nl
Website: www.hoteldeleeuw.nl

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